Closed JomSocial Join Fails to 404 - Htaccess fix causes Register Loop to Payplans - Unable to Register

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elmago 3 years 6 days ago #2435

Joomla 1.5.25
JomSocial 2.4.2
Jom Social Registration Redirector 3.0.3
JomSocial Profile Types 3.3.755
PayPlans 1.3.4

www.Tango (no space)

I had other membership software, but bought your products because I thought one developer would make things easy, but it's become too complex. When I fix one thing another breaks. THE BOTTOM LINE IS VISITORS CANNOT REGISTER. What is the value proposition for Jomsocial Profile Types and PayPlans if VISITORS CANNOT REGISTER?

Jomsocial Join button fails to 404 so VISITORS CANNOT REGISTER. I do not see why JomSocial should fail to find its own registration so I fix with an htaccess redirect.

PayPlans registration goes into a loop. VISITORS CANNOT REGISTER.

This has been going on for a long time and costing my business money.

So what is the proper way to use your software? Even though you are one developer, there are too many pieces to the puzzle.


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Puneet 3 years 5 days ago #2439


Firstly, I suggest you to upgrade PayPlans from 1.3.4 to latest version.

The combination you are using is fully compatible and you can use integration of these. Please let us know what type of scenario you are looking for, so that we can help you.

Please also explain how you configured all these.

Puneet Singhal

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elmago 3 years 5 days ago #2440

Right now JomSocial registration is failing to a 404. I have no idea why because after JomSocial there are 3 of your company's programs: JSPT, Jom Social Redirect and then PayPlans. Integrating 5 applications and then troubleshooting where is a problem is a bit tough, don't you think?

My Scenario is:
- Register PayPlans
- Get assigned to JomSocial Groups by JSPT
- Manage the community in Jom Social

But right now you cannot register at all and this is a bit of a problem. Buying registration programs is worthless if you end up with a broken registration.

Is your question actually helpful? Now I won't hear from you until my Monday night. At least 3 more days of being down. Explaining how I configured this would be about 20 screen shots wouldn't it? Is that what you want. Is that support?

And yes I am starting to say more so people thinking about buying from you will think twice. We're a division of Rainmaker Marketing and Public Relations. We build brands and fix damaged brands globally so the blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In and are next for you.

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Puneet 3 years 4 days ago #2443


According to your scenario PayPlans completely fulfill your requirements.

If you want that your users register with PayPlans then we provide registration integration with JomSocial. Your Register Redirector plugin might be creating issues. Kindly disable registration redirector plugin and use JomSocial registration integration(PayPlans).

JSPT is fully integrated with PayPlans. You can create profile types in JSPT and those profile types will be assigned to them according to their subscribed plan using JSPT App of PayPlans.
To integrate JSPT with PayPlans you can follow this documentation :-

If issue is not arising due to registration redirector plugin and you are using registration integration with JomSocial of PayPlans and also using JSPT integration app of PayPlans then please send your admin details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Puneet Singhal

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elmago 3 years 1 day ago #2474

A client reported a registration problem. I tested registration and found a loop back from the JomSocial registration page (login credentials) to the order...subscribe page.

JomSocial is looping back to PayPlans.

When I disable PayPlans, JSPT, JomSocial Registration Redirect, JomSocial is 404ing from the JOIN US NOW IT"S FREE button off the front page.

- What controls the destination of JomSocial's frontpage button JOIN US NOW IT"S FREE?
- Why would an implementation that was working be missing /network/register.html ?





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Swati Goyal 3 years 10 hours ago #2482

Hi Keith,

This issue doesn't appear to be arising due to our components since you disabled PayPlans, JSPT and JomSocial Registration Redirect.
It might be due to some other third party plug-in.
But still we would like to check this issue once if it is occurring due to our components.
Please mail us your admin details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can check.

Team PayPlans

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Puneet 3 years 9 hours ago #2492


I had tested issues at your site but things are working fine.

#1 In your scenario you do not need JOMSOCIAL REGISTRATION REDIRECTOR plugin, please kept it as disable.
You had set "Custom URL" parameter into Plugin parameters as, /network/order.html?view=plan&task=subscribe

As, you had set custom url to redirect user to "Plan Subscribe" page, that's why you caught into loop.

#2 You had created PayPlans->Plan Menu whose "Access Level" is set as "Registered". This implies that you want only registered users can subscribe/view plan(s).
If you want that users can subscribe plan when they are not registered user and complete their registration during subscribing plan then change the "Access Level" of PayPlans->Plan Menu to "Public".
And if you want that only registered users can subscribe plan then please disable "PayPlans JomSocial Registration Plugin".

Puneet Singhal

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