Pay secure in a Click

PayPlans provides multiple online payment gateways to handle your payments. Now,  pay confidently with fast, safe & secure environment. Explore more payment gateways for PayPlans at App-Store.

Flexible Membership Plans

Create various set of plans (Free / One-Trial / Two-Trial / Unlimited / Fixed) with any combination of membership level (Free / Trial / Paid / Recurring ) without any bothering restrictions.

Tax Calculations

PayPlans Tax Calculator provides Direct Taxation and Indirect Taxation(EU-VAT) which take care of all the necessary calculations. It is easy to use and customize. Find more Tax & Discount apps on App-Store

Upgrade & Renewal

Upgrade application provided with PayPlans kit can be used to allow the customers in upgrading their subscribed plan to some higher level. Renewal link is available on the dashboard of the user. It allows the customers to renew the subscription of the plans already subscribed by them.

Powerful Discounting

Set up as many discount coupons as you want. Usage limitation can be applied by number of uses and by date. Discount can be applied in percentage or mention the amount to be deducted.

Micro Subscription

Micro subscription allows you to make plans with minimum validity of one hour. This may facilitate you in helping your customers to get a brief introduction of your services.

Multiple Gateway Accounts

PayPlans provides multiple payment gateway accounts for merchants. Using those accounts, merchants can use various accounts to receive online payments from customers in their different accounts. This functionality is only provided with PayPlans and no other membership software provides it.

Email Notification

Now, your customers can receive multiple email notifications with Attachments according to there subscription status.For example, on Subscription Activation / Hold / Expiration / Pre-Expiration / Post-Expiration / Post Activation etc. Find more administration apps on App-Store.

Content App

Hold the power of replacing whole HTML of PayPlans' pages in your hands. Also you can change the core layout . Write the content according to your needs, feel like a creator.

Text Rewriter

With Text Rewriter, you can customise your emails with dynamic information(s) like user's name, subscribed plan, expiration dates, your site link, etc. It's stronger, easier and better.

Module Positions

All layouts of PayPlans have predefined module positions with complete control over them. So, you need not to hack layout to add and customize your content.

Badges and Teaser text

Decorate and describe your membership plans with cool interactive corner badges and use teaser text to promote and highlight them.

User Details

It can be used to manage the details of the registered users. Also, administrator can ask additional details from the user and can also set the visibility of the field of user details at the front-end.

Easy Member Management

At a glance you can see your members, their registration status, membership level and much more. It’s also a snap to upgrade membership, move them to different levels, “pause” their membership or delete them entirely. Easily manage the registration with different registration options. Explore the apps on App-Store

Professional PDF Invoicing

PayPlans is bundled with professional invoice display to site member. PayPlans also allow them to print their respective invoices or download as PDF.

Reliable Migration

You can migrate your subscription records to PayPlans from other subscription systems. The migration service is available as a custom service. To get details follow the link

Logs and History

Now you can track and control your system activities. Check logs and history of any Subscription, Order & Payment of your users to monetize your system.

Frontend User Account

PayPlans have in-built frontend account management system. Your clients can view orders placed by them, print & download invoices, renew & upgrade membership from their dashboard.


PayPlans provides unique reference key for each subscription, order and payment. So no one can trace your business growth. Whole information will remain secure and private.

Setup List

Setup list shows you all tasks that need to be completed and remaining to setup PayPlans. You need to clean setup checklist screen.


With the help of Interactive charts you can present and analyze data visually to check status of sales and revenue of your workflow process.

Quick Search

You can search your site's subscription, orders, users and payments on a single screen to get more information out of it.


This is the one stop-solution for all your integrations or enhancements with PayPlans. App-Store provides habitation to the super applications lounging in different categories. Many integrations are already provided with your payPlans kit but, for a broader view of integrable applications you are provided with App-Store.

Core App

Based on the abundance of unique applications PayPlans’ kit provides you preinstalled applications (Dasboard, Upgrade, Payment Gateways, Discount,etc.) which can enhance the look, feel and performance of your websites. This is the inner core of all the available applications and for more, you can explore App-Store.

Integration Apps

PayPlans is quickly integrable extension composed of a collection of apps & services. Payplans provides clear, concise flexible and well documented API with feature of flexibility and extensibility. Third party apps are easily deployable. Integration on  App-Store.

Registration Integration

PayPlans can mingle with user registration flow at your website. It supports registration from Joomla Core, Facebook, JomSocial, Community Builder and PayPlans in-built Quick Registration.