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Series Latest Version: 3.1.4
Updated on: 23 Apr, 2014
New Feature
Total number of subscription stats (active,hold,expired) displayed on plan grid screen.
Remove app_manager(language files are not removed due to maintanence at transifex).
Auto add invoice and transaction on Manual activation of subscription.
Enhanced PPInstaller
PPInstaller : Check for update button added at install completion screen.
Referral App Implemented
Gift App Implemented
Added performance fix regarding JavaScript language loading.
Discount will not applied on wallet recharge invoices.
Backend search improved.
Issue fix related to timezone difference in date.
Issue fix in frontend dashboard and subscription template related to css.
Added limit box on all the screen.
Changes done in payfast app according to updated API.
Issue fix related to illegel offset in payplans while using calender picker in php5.4.
Modify the function getPlans in order to get the list of all plans and fix in ccbill regarding recurrence count.
All strict standard errors removed in J2.5 and J3.x.
In Prodiscount app, help added related to coupon types, filter and UI improved and search record pop-up will be work in prodiscount view.
Displayed menu alias and option to show 404 page in menu access app.
Adding Id for <a> tags so users can apply css classes on "Subscribe to read more link".
Currencies added for Croatian kuna(Kn), Lithuanian litas and Latvian lats.
Fix in config table according to payplans3.0.
UI fixes in frontend noaccess & frontview template.
Plan Screen : Usage Analytics added.
Invoice Screen : Badges for status added.
Fixes in router in case of multilangual site.
Payplans - Patch : Disabling the app which uses search payplans and display tokens.
Fixed issue in euvat app, related to country Greece.
Added a fix in order to move user preference data to original user from not_registered user.
Bug fix in backend subscription screen regarding new invoice and transaction creation.
Disabled quick icon module if PayPlans is uninstalled.
Some modifications in Installer.
In Menu access app set default value 1 for 404 error page.
All Apps are changed to maintain dynamic app versioning through scripts variables.
PPInstaller : use curl instead of file_get_contents because fopen may be blocked at server.
Added functionality to notify user and admin for payment in case of offline payment.
Issue fixed in menu access app related to added entity format when add suffix to URL is set to Yes.
Issue fix in all registration plugin's as register button attach more plans to user by default plan when user clicks multiple times on register button.
Aliases updated for some apps and overview links are updated.
Bug fixed in jusertype app.
Bug fixed in limit-subscription app with renewals.
Payplans Core : Date and Time format issue is fixed.
Added fix in rewriter regarding getCurrency.
Issue fix in Payfast app related to host url while validating Payfast server.
Issue fixed in wallet recharge popup box as it is not working in nginx server.
Issue fixed inReferral app, in case of recurring payment referral discount will be applied once.
Bug fixed for payplans login and registration with email.
Routing issue fixed in javascirpt.
Issue fixed in K2 item app with latest version of K2.
Timezone issue fixed as date not showing in local time on invoice, subscription edit screen.
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