Series Latest Version: 3.5.4
Updated on: 11 Apr, 2017
New Feature
Unutilized plan price is split into unutilized plan price and Untilized tax in Upgrade App
Inbuilt support of Bootstrap v3 for front-end
New configuration related to PayPlan Bootstrap v3 templates is introduced in the PayPlan Backend Configuration.
Changes in upgrade app.
Payuturkey payment gteway integration
Cashenvoy payment gteway integration
comPay payment gteway integration
EBanx payment gteway integration
Paypal Adaptive payment gteway integration
ePay payment gteway integration
Enhanced Mailchimp App to new API.
Fixed Mailchimp issue with different datacenter API
Fixed AUP app as per to Alta User Point
Fixed Paypal app related to new protocol for validation
Fixed error related json encoding
Fixed PayPlans Javescript issue in Joomla3.6
Fixes some notice and fatal errors with PHP7 in PayPlans Apps
Too Many Redirection in Registration Process
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