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What is Tienda

Tienda is a complete ecommerce extension for Joomla. Tienda is not a fork or bridge; it is a brand new extension designed and written from scratch on Joomla's MVC framework and can therefore be easily modified or themed using Joomla's templates.

Tienda has been built with you, the site's administrator, in mind.  While building Tienda, we focused on answering the question, "What would make it easier for us to operate our online stores?"  Tienda is the result. Two versions will be available, Community and Enterprise.

How PayPlans "Tienda App" integrate with Tienda Component

Administrator can use this app if he wants to assign a particular "User's Group" automatically to a user after subscribing a plan.
Administrator can decide which "User's Group" will be assigned to user for subscription status active, hold and expire.


PayPlans Integration

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