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Earlier when you created different discount apps, they took considerable time to complete their task, but this new plugin provided with PayPlans 2.1 will decrease event triggers and speedup the discounting tasks.

  • If you are using 10 or more discounts, then we recommend that you use this discount plugin. Disable all the discount apps and set the discount value in this plugin.
  • Also, you can enable/disable allowed multiple discount codes on single invoice, from the configuration tab available at the back-end.
  • Administrators can also give direct discounts from back-end itself. If you give xx.yy% discount then percentage discount will be applied. Else, xx.yy amount (according to currency) will be applied as discount.

Note: This app is compatible with PayPlans 2.1 and higher versions only. It doesn't support PayPlans 1.x series and PayPlans 2.0.


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