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Payza(formerly known as alert AlertPay),is a global online payment platform specializing in ecommerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances for individuals and businesses around the world.

If you had an AlertPay account, you now have a Payza account! Use your old AlertPay username and password to login to your NEW Payza account – all of your information is the same!.

How PayPlans "Payza App" integrated with Payza Payment Gateway

  • Administrator is required to make an App in Payplans Admin Panel and required to fill the correct App Parameters.

  • When customer makes the payment, he/she will be redirected to Payza's Site.

  • There he/she can pay through his/her Payza's account.

  • Payza supports Fixed,Recurring and Recurring +trial 1 payment.


PayPlans Payment Gateway

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