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Securely accept credit cards and PayPal payments in one easy-to-manage account.

What is Paypal Pro (Website Payment Pro) ?
Website Payments Pro, is an online payment processing solution, is everything you need to securely accept credit cards and PayPal payments in one easy-to-manage account.

Key Benefits: Get all your payments processed quickly, simply, and affordably with our all-inclusive solution.

Lower Total Payment Processing Costs: On average, Website Payments Pro is up to 14% less expensive than other credit card processors. Pay nothing more than a low transaction fee and a $30 monthly fee.

Customers Stay on Your Site: Buyers paying by credit card never leave your site, so you control the entire payment experience.

One Account for Everything: No need to maintain separate relationships with a merchant account bank, a gateway, or credit card companies. PayPal handles all your payment processing as well as your reports, statements, billing information, and account support. It works with most major shopping carts, and since Virtual Terminal is included, it covers phone, fax, and email orders, too.

What PayPlans provide?

With PayPlans and Paypal Pro (Website payment pro), you are provided with following facilities:

  • Pay directly with your credit card
  • Online (Internet) route to pay for your money transactions
  • Easy payment method without getting redirected on PayPal’s website
  • Fixed amount Payment
  • Recurring Subscription
  • Trial Subscription
  • Trial with different time
  • Cancel recurring order
  • Payment will be on hold automatically when any refund is done via Paypal Merchant Account.

How it works :

  • Admin user is required to make an App in Payplans Admin Panel and fill the correct information in App Parameters.
  • After completion of these details, the user can pay by using credit card.


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