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PayLine payment gateway app integrated with PayPlans is a French payment gateway.

Features :

  • PayLine app supports payment for : Fixed Plan and Recurring Plans.
  • Support for 1 trial, 2 trial and free trial.
  • Notification Time : Instant.
  • Supported Currencies :
    • Euro, US Dollar, France Suisse, Sterling, Canadian Dollar.
  • Minimum Payment Amount : 0.50 in each currency.
  • Supported Cards : Credit Card.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install app and create it's app instance and fill necessary details.
  • Default currency supported by PayLine is Euro. In order to pay in other supported currencies, customer needs to set in his PayLine account.
  • For payment processing, user needs to fill payment details at merchant site and after payment completion user will remain at merchant's site.


PayPlans Payment Gateway

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