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Wallet system has been introduced from Payplans 2.x. Users can recharge their wallet and later on they can purchase items using this payment gateway, which will consume the wallet balance for the purchase.

How it works?

  • Admin user is required to make an App in Payplans Admin Panel and fill the App Parameters.
  • When customer selects PayByWallet at invoice confirmation, he/she will be redirected to another screen, where he/she has to confirm the payment.
  • There he/she can pay through his/her wallet balance.

Prerequisites : In Payplans configuration,

  • Set Utilize Wallet for Payment to Yes, for allowing PayByWallet to be used for normal payments
  • Set Utilize Wallet for Recurring Payment to Yes, for recurring payments.
  • And for allowing wallet recharge, set Wallet Recharge Allowed to Yes.


PayPlans Payment Gateway

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Pay By Wallet