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This App supports Parent-Child Relationship in plan subscription. If parent plan is not subscribed then its dependent child plans will also not work. This App provides you an option to create dependent plan(s). A parent plan can have several dependent child plans. This hierarchy of plans can be extended upto user’s requirements.User will not able to see child plans if he/she is not subscribed to parent plan. Just by enabling this app, you can have more options at create plan page.

Possible Cases:-

  1. In plan relationship parameter, if you select “Any of the above” at the time of creating plan, then user will be able to see all child plans by subscribing any parent plan on which the child plan depends.

  2. If you select “All of the above”, then user will not be able to see child plans until he/she will subscribe all parent plans on which child plan depends.

  3. If you select “None of the above”, then all the child plans will be visible to the user but after subscribing any child plan, user will not able to see parent plan.

How it works:-

  • This is a core app. So, no need to install it. Just enable Payplans-ParentChild Plugin.
  • Create a plan, you can see option of “plan depends on”, set the parameters.


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