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Menu Access app controls display of menus according to plan subscribed by a user.

Menu Access app integrated with PayPlans to control display of menus according to subscribed plan.

Features :

  • Menu Access app show/hide menus according to plan attached with the app with access control.
  • Menus on which admin want ot apply access control, select required menus among all listed.
  • One or more than one menus can be selected to apply menu access control.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install app and create it's app instance and fill necessary details.
  • When admin select to show the menus then menu will be visible to user but not accessible.
  • When admin select to hide the menus then menu will not be visible and accessible to user.
  • If any menu is not restricted by menu access app then it will work as default behavior.

Note : From Joomla 3.4 Menu access app will not work with multilingual, due to major changes in J3.4 core. It's not possible to override menus (Show/Hide Menu functionality) using Menu-Access plugin. If your site is not multilingual then Please disable Language filter Plugin if enabled .


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