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K2 Access Control (Category, Item & UserGroup)

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Description :

K2 is a component to replace default article system of Joomla. It provides the functionality to add articles, categories, comments. Users can be shown articles according to their user group also.

K2 Category Access Control

K2 Category Access Control app can be used to allow/disallow user's submission of articles to different categories of K2 on subscription status of selected plan. You can also limit the user to add articles to different categories.

K2 Item Access Control

K2 Item Access Control provides you the functionality to restrict the accessibility of items for users. Such restrictions can be applied according to the plan(s) subscribed by the users.

K2 User Group Access

K2 User Access Group App provides you the functionality to assign different K2 user groups to users according to their subscription status of their subscribed plan. No need to assign user groups manually to your users. By assigning group, you can restrict their access.

Working :

  • Category Access Control : Create categories in K2 component.
  • User Group Access : Create user groups in K2 component and set their access.
  • Enable Payplans-K2 plugin in plugin manager.
  • Go to Payplans apps and create instance and configure accordingly.


PayPlans Access Control Integration

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K2 Access Control (Category, Item & UserGroup)