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Joomlaxi Profile Type plugin for Controlling Jomsocial Profile Type.

This app provides integration between Jomsocial Profile Type(JSPT) component and PayPlans.

Features :

  • This app assigns JSPT profiletype to user depending upon the plan he/she subscribes.
  • Admin can configure which multiprofile to assign on which plan subscription and subscription status.
  • Admin can configure this app to block the users from changing their profiletypes.

Working :

  • Install the Jomsocial and JSPT component.Create JSPT profiletypes.
  • This app is pre-installed in previous versions of Payplans, from Payplans 3.3 you need to install it from App store.
  • Create Joomlaxi ProfileType(JSPT) app instance.
  • Specify the profile types which the user should be assigned according to subscribed plan and subscription status.
  • Set "Block user to change Profile Type" to "yes" if you dont want the users to change their profiletypes.
  • When users subscribe the plan and they will be assigned the profile types according to their subscription.


PayPlans Integration

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Joomlaxi Profile Type