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JomSocial Registration plugin integrates JomSocial registration with PayPlans.

Features :

  • Admin can use this plugin to let the user registering at his site to first select the subscription plan and then proceed with the normal JomSocial Registration process.
  • If the plugin is enable, then it will redirect users to plan selection page when they attempt to register and will not let them to register until they selects a plan.
  • If plan selection is not required for registration, then you can disable this plugin. It will not force user to select the plan while registering on the site.

Working :

  • Install jomsocial component.
  • Install Jomsocial Registration Plugin.
  • Go to Payplans->Congiguration and set "Registration Integration" to JomSocial.
  • Whenever users tries to register at the site then they will be redirected to plan selection page and they will not be allowed to register until they select a plan.


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Jomsocial Registration