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JomSocial MultiProfile Types

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This plugins ask customer to pay for having premium profile types in JomSocial community.

This app provides integration between Jomsocial component and PayPlans.

Features :

  • This app assigns JomSocial multiprofile to user depending upon the plan he/she subscribes.
  • Admin can configure which multiprofile to assign on which plan subscription and subscription status.
  • Admin can configure this app to force users to subscribe plan on changing their multiprofile.

Working :

  • Install the Jomsocial component.Create jomsocial multiprofiles.
  • This app is pre-installed in previous versions of Payplans, from Payplans 3.3 you need to install it from App store.
  • Create Jomsocial Multiprofile app instance.
  • Specify the profile types which the user should be assigned according to subscribed plan.
  • Set "Redirect user to Subscribe Page on Profile Type change" to "yes" if you want to force users to subscribe plan on changing their multiprofile or else set it to "no".
  • When users subscribe the plan and they will be assigned the profile types according to their subscription.


PayPlans Integration

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JomSocial MultiProfile Types