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Invitex app provides, functionality to restrict users to send limited invitations according to plan subscribed.

This app provides integration between Invitex invitation component and PayPlans.

Features :

  • Admin can set Invitation limits for user according to plans.
  • Send Discount code through mail’s automatically
    • When user send invitations.
    • when invitations are accepted.
    • when user registered through an invitation.
  • Invitex component itself provides two important features:
    • Send invitation during registration.To enable this go to invitex component->Config->Registration Specific->Set Invitation As a part of Registration to "yes".
    • Only those users can register who has received the invitation.To enable this go to invitex component. Config->Registration Specific->Set Registration only on Invitation to "yes".

Note : We have made some changes in the latest version of app. Please refer document for further details.


PayPlans Integration

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