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iDevAffiliate for payplans

iDevAffiliate is an affiliate tracking software which can be used to track and manage the affiliates and their respective commissions.

What PayPlans Supports :-

  • Works with live account of iDevAffiliate.
  • Allows to track sales and refunds in PayPlans.

How It works :-

  • Admin need to install it from AppStore.
  • To configure Idev Affiliate plugin fill parameters as follow-
    1. Set the ‘Idev Installation URL’ parameter. For example :

      NOTE : Merchant’s affiliation url should have idev_id as request parameter. The value of this parameter will be idev_id.

    2. Set parameter ‘Track Refund’ to Yes to track refunds as well with sales, else set it No to ignore the tracking of refunds.



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