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Want to convert visitors into customers ? If this is your state of mind then payplans is here to provide integartion with G-Analytics. Now Monitor your live site with real environment.

G-Analytics app integrated with PayPlans to provide tracking to analyze purchage in E-commerce business.

Features :

  • G-Analytics app provide integartion of PayPlans and Google Analytics to convert visitors into customers.
  • G-Analytics app used to track purchase on the basis of plan subscription.
  • G-Analytics app used to identify the most popular and demanding plan.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install app and create it's app instance and fill necessary details.
  • Admin needs to register at Google Analytics to get Google Tracking-ID to apply tracking on website(domain).
  • No need to place JavaScript tracking code anywhere in PayPlans provided by Google Analytics.
  • Admin can track purchage statistics of different plan according to time : Daily/Weekly/Monthly.


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