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Fixed Date Expiration

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Fixed-date-expiration app integrated with PayPlans, provide the functionality to expire subscriptions according to plan.

Features :

  • Fixed-date-expiration app all the future subscriptions can be ended on a specific date.
  • Fixed-date-expiration app applicable for fixed plan only.
  • Fixed-date-expiration app allows you to provide subscription till a specific calendar date not according to plan expiration time.
  • Fixed-date-expiration app will not work with recurring plans. If you apply on recurring plan then it will convert it in to fixed plan.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install app and create it's app instance and fill necessary details.
  • All new subscription will be expired on the desired date set in the app parameters.
  • Mention the subscription date range, for which you want to apply this app, for expiration of selective subscriptions.
  • Admin can set Extend Subscription to Yes/No to Allow/Deny subscription extension.
  • App display plan expiration time on front-end Subscription page as per applied on plan.


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Fixed Date Expiration