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Using export app users can export payplans subscription and invoicing data that can be use in any other analysing software and for many accounting software.

Export App integrated with PayPlans to provide facility of exporting payplans important data in any other analysing aplication.

Features :

  • Export app used to export PayPlans data in widely acceptable format '.csv' file.
  • Export app allow to export PayPlans data in combination of : (1) Invoice (2) Subscription (3) User.
  • Export app provide the filtering of exportable data by (1) Plan (2)Invoice/Subscription Status (3) To/From Date.
  • Export app allow to export the payplans data by making required selection in easier and better way.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install Export app. No need to create app instance and configure app.
  • After installation Export app list under PayPlans tab-menu named 'Reports' in backend.
  • After required data selection, admin can easily export the PayPlans data.


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