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Easysocial-Registration plugin can be used for user registration through EasySocial.

Easysocial-Registration app integrated with PayPlans and EasySocial, to provde user registration.

Features :

  • If admin want that user should be registered with EasySocial at the time of subscribing plan, user this app.
  • This app requires more user information to be filled to maintain complete user profile.
  • EasySocial registration method completes in three steps : Account Detail, Education and Appearence.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install and configure EasySocial Registration plugin.
  • Admin needs to install EasySocial Component, before using registration plugin 'EasySocial'.
  • Set PayPlans Configuration parameter 'Registration Integration' to 'EasySocial'.


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EasySocial Registration