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EasySocial Profile Type app can be used for assign profiles according to subscription status.

This app provides integration between EasySocial component and PayPlans.

Features :

  • This app provides profile types to the user's according to subscribed plan status (ie. Active, Hold and Expire).
  • You can assign Default Profile type to all the users irrespective of the plan subscribed.
  • You can assign different profile to users as per subscribed plan.
  • You can allow users to choose both plans and profile type as per their choice(disable this app and refer document).
  • You can allow users to choose only profile types.

Working :

  • Install the EasySocial component.While creating Profiles in EasySocial, set Profile-> General-> Allow in Registration to Yes in all profiles (It’s essential for proper functioning).
  • Install EasySocial Profile Type app and create app instance.
  • Set Easysocial Profile Type On Subscription Active,Hold and Expired status.
  • Create Dashboard Widget for this app to show the user their profile types.

For detailed information on using its various features, refer the document.


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Documentation Link :

EasySocial Profile Type