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This plugin assigns a default plan to the user whenever a new user registers to a PayPlan-enabled site.

Features :

  • If you have disabled payplans registration plugin and if you want to assign a common plan on registration then it can be achieved with Default Plan plugin.So whenever a new user Sign Up on your website, then a default plan will be assigned.
  • If you have enabled payplans registration plugin, then using this app would assign a default plan to the users along with the subscribed plan.

Working :

  • Install the app.
  • To configure click on PayPlans-SignupPlan plug-in in Plugin-Manager.
  • Set Sign-Up Plan by selecting any plan that you want to set as default plan for SignupPlan App.
  • When the user will sign up at the site then a default plan will be assigned to it.


  • You cannot create multiple instances of Default Plan App i.e. you can assign only one default plan to users.
  • You cannot assign default plan according to profile types. Eg. If you have installed JSPT and there are two profiles types-students and teachers then you cannot create two default plans for it.You can only create one Default Plan which will be common to both.


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Default Plan