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Content Hider app provide facility to hide selected content of article from subscribers/unsubscribers according to plan.

Features :

  • Content Hider app allow admin to show/hide content of article.
  • This app can be applied on any plan in any part of article.
  • Default contents of articles will be shown on subscribing any plan.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install app and configure plugin.
  • Now, open the article on which you want to apply the restrictions for subscribed/non-subscribed users.
  • Starting from the content which you want to hide/show, apply {payplans} as start tag and {/payplans} as end tag.
  • Content Hider tag "{payplans plan_id=1,2, or more SHOW/HIDE}CONTENT TO BE SHOWN/HIDDEN.{/payplans}".


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