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Content app can change the content of pages of Payplans with your custom content without template over-riding. These custome content can be change by some dynamic content.

Content app allow to change the content of Payplans-pages.

Features :

  • Content app changes on PayPlans pages done in two ways by : (1) Joomla Article (2) Custom Content.
  • To display any dynamic information (like selected plan-name) to respective users, then Tokens makes it possible for you.
  • The only restriction is that you can't insert any page or pop-up any window to display contents.

Working :

  • This app is pre-installed in previous versions of Payplans, from Payplans 3.3 you need to install it from App store.
  • Create app instance and configure it.
  • Now, applied contents will get available when user subscribes respective plan.
  • You can display/replace any of Joomla-articles/Custome-content in PayPlans through Content App.


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