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payplans authorize cim hosted payment gateway

Authorize CIM Hosted :- Integration with Authorize CIM payment gateway.This payment gateway supports hosted form (Authorize CIM Hosted form) to support PCI-DSS compliance.

What PayPlans offers/supports :-

  • Pay directly with credit card
  • Online (Internet) route to pay for money transactions
  • Supports Fixed amount payments
  • Supports Recurring payments
  • Supports Recurring + Trial payments
  • Supports canceling of recurring orders

How It works :-

  • Your site must support “https” to use this payment gateway.
  • You need to install it from App store.
  • Admin user is required to make an App in Payplans Admin Panel and fill the correct information in App Parameters.
  • When customer checks out for payment, he/she will be presented a hosted form popup to fill up the payment details.
  • After successful payment pop-up will closed and user will be redirected back to “Thanks Page”.


PayPlans Payment Gateway

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Authorize CIM Hosted Form