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ATS app integrated with PayPlans and ATS component, is a powerful and easy to provide Support service on merchant website.

Features :

  • ATS app allow user to create, submit and reply a ticket for his query.
  • ATS app work for fixed as well as recurring plan.
  • ATS app credits on subscription active/renewal/upgrade.
  • ATS app debits on subscription hold/expire.
  • ATS app will not debit the points in -ve amount nor it will debit those points after credit.
  • ATS app will debit the amount when there is +ve amount available in user's account.

Working :

  • Admin needs to install app and create it's app instance.
  • In ATS app configuration admin fill credit and debit amounts accordingly for subscription active/upgrade/renewal/hold/expire.
  • In case of upgrade/renewal user will not get credits of active + renewal/upgrade.


PayPlans Access Control Integration

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Akeeba Ticket System