An invoice (Bill) is a commercial document issued by a service or product provider to a client.

Go to

tab and click New .

Details :This section, it will contain invoice details.

invoice details in payinvoice
Invoice Details in PayInvoice

  1. Title : Set Title for the invoice.

  2. Client : Select the Client to whom you want to send invoice.

  3. Serial Number : Enter Serial Number for an invoice. Serial Number will be unique for each invoice.

  4. Currency : In configuration, if currency field set then by default it will be selected in invoice currency field.If you want to change currency then you can do this by selecting other currency.

  5. Issue Date : The date on which an invoice is issued.

  6. Due Date : Invoice due date is the date by which the invoice should have been paid.

Item(s) :
In this section, you need to enter list item’s that are the part of an invoice. you can add item’s by clicking on “Add Items”.

Creating items in payinvoice
Creating Items in PayInvoice

  1. Item Name and Description : Enter name of item and description here.

  2. Quantity : Enter the quantity of item’s.

  3. Price Per Unit : Enter price of an item. After that amount will be calculated dynamically.

  4. SubTotal : Subtotal amount will be calculate dynamically.

  5. Discount : Enter discount amount here.It will be deducted from subtotal dynamically.

  6. Tax : Enter tax in
    .It will be added to subtotal dynamically.

  7. Total : Total amount will be calculated dynamically according to item’s, discount and tax.

  8. Terms and Conditions : If terms and conditions are set in configuration then by default it will attach to each invoice.If you want to change terms and conditions for specific invoice then you can edit these.It will be shown to user on invoice.

  9. terms and conditions in payinvoice
    Terms and Conditions in PayInvoice

Related Dates : This section will be shown to backend user after saving an invoice.In related dates

  1. Invoice creation date.

  2. Invoice modification date.

  3. Invoice paid date.

  4. Invoice refund date (If invoice refunded).

related dates in payinvoice
Related Dates in PayInvoice

Add Payment Method : If you want to collect payment from your client from particular payment method then select payment method and user will not have option to select other payment method, Otherwise not select.

add payment method in payinvoice
Add Payment Method in PayInvoice

Admin Notes : admin can create notes for his/her personal use only. It will not shown in invoice.

admin notes in payinvoice
Admin Notes in PayInvoice

Invoice Link :See invoice link here.

admin notes in payinvoice
Admin Notes in PayInvoice

Preview :If you want to see that how invoice will look in front end then click on


invoice preview in pay invoice
Invoice Preview in PayInvoice

Email :After creating invoice sent it to client’s by clicking on

button.To send invoice to client click on confirm button. Client will get invoice link. Using this link client will be able to pay for an invoice.

emailing feature in payinvoice
Email an Invoice in PayInvoice