In PayInvoice, client is a person who makes a purchase. Client is important entity for any invoicing system because invoice is issued to a client.

In PayInvoice Client , it will contains some additional information about client’s also.You can create user also at this screen as well as joomla user manager also.

How to create a Client ?

Go to

tab and click on New button.

Client Details:Client detail is divided into two sections.

client details in payinvoice
Client Details in PayInvoice

Login Details: Add client login details.

  1. Name: Enter name of client.

  2. Username: Enter client’s username.

  3. Email Id: Enter client’s email id.

  4. Password: Enter password.

Billing Details:

client's billing details in payinvoice
Client's Billing Details in PayInvoice

  1. Currency: Select currency for client. If not selected then by default configuration currency will be consider.

  2. Address: Enter Client’s address

  3. City: Enter Client’s City.

  4. State: Enter Client’s State.

  5. Country: Enter Client’s Country.

  6. Tax Number: Enter Client’s Tax Number.

  7. Zip Code: Enter Client’s Zip Code details here.