Series Latest Version: 1.0.10
Updated on: 26 Aug, 2015
New Feature
Add EuVat plugin.
Add Product Module.
Added integration with payment gateways : Eway-Authorizecim-MES-Payfast .
Adds Paypal Pro and EBS Payment Gateway
Country and state importer
Filters on backend grid screens
Add dedicated screen to show transactions in backend
Implemented new shipping rule for United States i.e USPS
Implemented new group rule for applying on individual product
Implemented group rule on basis of payplans plan wrt paycart
Add option to apply OR / AND operator in between multiple conditions in group rule
Add integration with 2checkout payment gateway
Add integration with fedex shipping
Add zoom image feature with inner and outer zoom configuration
Implement social sharing plugin
Add support of digital downloads
Add pdf download functionality
Add option to copy products
Implements invoice serialization for paid carts
Payment completion page improved and response is handled properly.
Enhanced UI for searching/filtering.
Added infinite scrolling in searching.
Adds Bootstrap 3 compatibility to PayCart.
Do not allow to set empty product and invalid quantity in Shipment
Added multi price options ie MRP and cost prices on product
Open pop-up when click on thumbnail in zoom images
Make country isocode uneditable
List all group rule plugin on grouprule screen
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