XIPT Members module is used to show all JomSocial members according to users JSPT profile types

XIPT Members
[ version: 1.1 ]

 Last updated on:
2 Jan, 2014
Joomla Compatible 2.5 3.x



XIPT Members is an open-source Joomla based module. To use this module, you should have Jomsocial and JomSocial Profile Types (JSPT) installed at your site. This module can show all JomSocial members according to their JSPT profile type.



How it works :-

  • Install XIPT Members Module at your site.
  • Go to Module Manager and Enable XIPT Members module.
  • Configure module and set position to display module.
  • Configure Basic Options in Module as :
    • Select that profile type of which members you want to show in the module.
    • Set Use Tooltips to Yes if you want that username should be shown when user hover mouse over user’s avatar.
    • Set Count if you want to show only a specific number of users in module.
  • Now, it will show users of specific profile type only.

If you have any issue or suggestion then report us at our github repository.

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