Redirecting your users to one of the registration system of your choice like JomSocial, Community Builder etc.

Registration Redirector
[ version: 2.2 ]

 Last updated on:
26 Nov, 2013
Joomla Compatible 2.5 3.x



Do you have more than one Registration System on your website (JomSocial, Community Builder etc.)? Use this free-2-use plugin for redirecting your users to one of the registration system of your choice.

Avoid any sort of confusion for your users right after installing this free plugin. As the name suggests this plugin allows you to redirect new users to your choice of Registration system. This plugin allows you to choose between the following systems

  • Core Joomla
  • JomSocial
  • Community Builder
  • Virtue Mart
  • OSE
  • Custom URL: This option allows you to the freedom to redirect users to any specific URL for registration.


Options in the latest version

The new version has 3 options:

  • JomSocial To Core Registration
  • Core registration to JomSocial
  • My Profile link in any menu - which will be redirected to the User's profile page. This should be a simple link (index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&task=profile&userid=0&Itemid=14)

If you have any issue or suggestion then report us at our github repository.

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