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Redirect to Edit JomSocial Profile
[ version: 2.6 ]

 Last updated on:
6 May, 2015
Joomla Compatible 2.5 3.X


Do you feel irritated, after seeing numerous incomplete profiles in your Jomsocial Community? If yes, then this free-to-use-plugin "Redirect to Edit Profile" has the ability to redirect the users to the edit profile page when Jomsocial profile fields are left empty.

You are a Jomsocial Community Administrator. So, you must be aware of the fact that users generally shy away from filling the form details while registering themselves anywhere. As an admin it gets very unmanageable at times if you are unable to determine any specific detail for a user due to their incomplete profile. This free-to-use-plugin is able to redirect users to the edit profile page whenever any of the Jomsocial profile fields are left empty. If an admin wishes then filling the profile can also be made mandatory before a user go anywhere else. The admin can even choose to redirect the users to their profile page on every login.



Redirect to Edit JomSocial Profile can -

Automatically Check for any Profile's required fields.
In configuration you can decide whether it should check any specific field or all the available fields should be considered.
The check can be done every time a user logins. This way a user with an incomplete profile will be redirected once on every login to edit his profile.
It is also possible to force users to edit their profile before they do anything else.
Works with:
  • JomSocial Facebook Connect
  • JomSocial Profile Types
  • Account Expiration Control
  • Other compatibility can be added on request

If you have any issue or suggestion then report us at our github repository.

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