An open-source Joomla based utility plugin that helps you to verify your email configuration settings of Your joomla site

JEmail Config Verifier
[ version: 3.0.2 ]

 Last updated on:
11 Sep, 2013
Joomla Compatible 2.5 3.x



JCV is an open-source Joomla based utility plugin. It will help you to verify your email configuration settings. After completing the email configurations at your joomla site’s backend, you may want to test it to make sure that new emails will not be lost. And you want to do it without going through the pain to save the tedious configurations every time and send a test email manually.

So, once you install JCV it will be available in the backend of Joomla near to the email settings. Only thing you need to do is click on the test button, once you have entered the configurations. Rest JCV will take care and pain to test all the email settings and inform you of the status in just a single click.



How to use ?

  1. Install JCV plugin and enable it.
  2. Go to Global Configuration.
  3. Now, select Server tab. Here you will get "Test Email" button.
  4. Set your desired email configuration and click on Test Email button.
  5. IMP: You do not need to save global configuration again and again. Just set the values and click on button. It will test your settings with-in few seconds.

Steps to Verify Email Config

  1. Enter your email configuration settings. Now, you don’t require to save Global Configuration again and again. Just enter values and click on Test Email button.

    configure the jemail verifier plugin
    Configuring JEmail Config Verifier plugin
  2. If your email settings are not correct and required proper configuration then you will get Error message.

    Error message screen
    Error message screen
  3. If yours all email settings are correct then you will get Success message.

    Success message screen
    Success message screen


  • Once you get error message then cross-check your email configuration and retry your verification steps.
  • Once you get Success message then do not forget to save your Global Configuration.

How to change Subject and Body of email

When email configuration verification completed then JCV will send an email to admin. If admin wants to update Subject and Body of that email then he can do this very easily. Admin can use concept of language override of Joomla.

There are two constants which will be updated easily :-

  • PLG_SYSTEM_TESTEMAIL_EMAIL_SUBJECT :- To update Subject of email.
  • PLG_SYSTEM_TESTEMAIL_EMAIL_BODY :- To update body text of email.

Mandrill Email Config Verification

JCV is capable to test SMTP settings. We are sure that you are familiar with Mandrill. Mandrill is brought to you by MailChimp, a company with more than a decade of experience building a world-class email marketing platform.

Mandrill provides various features, like:-

  • Automatic email authentication.
  • Automatic feedback loop registration.
  • Dedicated IP addresses.
  • Automated dedicated IP warmup, etc.

You can test Mandrill configurations with JCV easily. Just enter proper settings provided by Mandrill into SMTP Mailer and click on “Test Email” button. Rest leave to JCV, it will verify whether your configuration is correct or not.

Test mandrill email settings
Test mandrill email settings

If you have any issue or suggestion then report us at our github repository.

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