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Bye-Bye Password
[ version: 1.0.4 ]

 Last updated on:
27 Mar, 2014
Joomla Compatible 2.5 3.x



Bye-Bye Password is an open-source Joomla based plugin. It is a combined login/registration system that doesn’t require password at all!
If you facilitates users not to remember their password and register/login just be entering their email address, then the plugin will be helpful for you.

Features :-

  1. By using this plugin, registration process will become simpler and inviting.
  2. Users need not to enter and remember their password for registration as well as for login.
  3. A login link is sent to the email address everytime, to authenticate the user.
  4. Login link is expired after your site session lifetime.


How it works :-

  1. Install the ByeByePassword package.
  2. Enable plugin and module.
  3. Configure module and set position to display module.
  4. Enter your email address to register or login.
    1. If the email has not been registered before then first an account will be created for the email and at the same time a login link will be sent to the email address.
      User will be automatically activated at the time of registration.
    2. If email is already exist then a login link will be sent to the email address directly.
  5. Now, when user click on login link, he will be redirected to your site and marked as login. This login link is valid upto the session lifetime of your site.
  6. User needs to re-generate login link if link is expired or need to login next time.

If you have any issue or suggestion then report us at our github repository.

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