Form is the entity which relates your form with the component(JXiForms) form so that you can set the desired actions on it. Learn how to create different forms and relate it with the existing form of your website.

  • Go to Forms tab and click New and you will see Form creation screen, looks like:


How to Create Form In Joomla Using JXiForms
Create Form In Joomla Using JXiForms

  • Form Details:

    [li]Title: Enter name for the Form here(can be any).

  • Published: Set to Yes if you want to publish the form. No action will be taken on the unpublished form.

  • Post URL: This Url will automatically gets generated when you save the form for the first time. You must have to place this url in the action attribute of form tag of your html. This is the URL on which Form will be posted when someone submits form on your site.

  • ? : To Know more about Post URL click here and you see a popup like:

How to create Forms in Joomla

  • Redirect URL: Enter the Url on which you want to redirect user after the form submission. By default it will redirect user to the home page.

  • HTML Code: Here You have to insert html of your Form. Your html must contain a form tag and a valid Post URL in action attribute of form tag as shown in above snap.


After saving Form, It Looks like:
Create Simple Forms In Joomla
Now you have to place Post URL as explained in above section, Then Save it again.

  • Select Action: Here you can select multiple actions for the single form. If you want to apply particular action on this form, then select the action under this section.

  • Menu Options: You can create Menu by simply filling the information and click on create Menu as shown in following snap:

Simple Forms Management Extension For Joomla
This will create a menu link in main menu section and this form will be linked to this menu.