Ack-By-SMS action allows you to send acknowledgement to user via Messages on form submission.For using this action you must have an account at SMS Gateway Hub.


You want to send an auto-reply whenever user submits a form ? If yes then this action solve your purpose.
Using this you can send an auto-reply to user and You can set the Message content as per your requirement.

Ack-By-SMS action can be configured as :

  • You can Enable plugin for this action from plugin manager.


  • Now go to Actions tab of JXiForms to create Ack-By-SMS action.


  • [li style="background-image: none;"]Enter the details asked in the Ack-By-SMS action screen.

    Under the Details section

    [ul style="list-style: none;"]
  • Title : Title of the action

  • Published : It indicates the status of the action (published or not).

  • Description : Description of the action.

  • Select Form : Here you can select the form list on which you want to apply this action.

  • Require Approval : This parameter lets you decide whether to put approval request before sending SMS to the specified phone number. If you set this to YES then SMS will not be sent to user unless you approve it. If you set this to NO then SMS will be sent to user without any intervention.

Under parameter section

  • User Id: Enter here your SMSGatewayHub login ID.

  • Password : Password for specified A/c.

  • Route : Enter a route, by which the SMS will be sent. You can find Route in your SMSGateWayHub A/c:

  • Go to your SMSGateWays Profile and you will find this


  • As shown above your Route will be Promotional.

  • Sender Id :Sender Id of SMSGateWayHub A/c, you can find this on your profile:


  • As shown above your Sender ID will be œ123456789.

  • Message : Enter here the message which you want to send to the user on submission of a form.

  • Recipient(Field Name) : Enter here name of that html field where user enters his/her Phone Number.