EasyBlog + EasyDiscuss + PayPlans Package

Welcome to the New era of Subscribed blogging! EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss are the most popular Joomla blogging and discuss component that users worldwide love to use! EasyBlog is the professional Blogging tool for Joomla! With butter smooth functionalities. With the awesome workflow of PayPlans integrated in Stackideas professional bundle, it is very easy to start earning your profits from your blogging community and Profits can start right way by purchasing the bundle pack. Let us explain this to you-

  • PayPlans + EasyBlog + EasyDiscuss (purchased separately) = USD 257
  • PayPlans +EasyBlog + EasyDiscuss bundle = USD 223

See, instantly you saved USD 34, and the time spend in separate purchases.....


Remote Blogging

Now enjoy blogging on the go….. You can submit blogs from remote application like Windows Live Writer, Scribe Fire etc.


Email Blogging

Posting a blog is now as simple as mailing to your friend. Post blogs from your favourite email clients


Google Ad-sense

Integration with Google Ad-sense allows you to reap the investments by earning from best search engine.

Your support is unbelievably quick and the product is programmed on a very high level. You have blown away my frustrating hours with MyBlog and gave me a good feeling that I'm not alone with my ideas for better JomSocial integration.

-Rene Eitnerat
Joomla Extensions! Directory.

At 2:21 PM, 26 minutes after emailing support, I got a reply that "apologized for taking so long to get back to me", and had a custom "search.php" file attached that fixed my problem. They added a feature in 26 minutes!

-Brett Martin
Founder of ExigoGroup.

Technical Details: After purchasing the bundle package, you need to install EasyBlog integration app available in app-manager of PayPlans.
Also, install EasyDiscuss integration app available in app-manager of PayPlans.

Furthermore, you can explore App Store for more such apps.