What is New in JSPT 3.0

JSPT is a robust extension to JomSocial# Well Organized user management, Multiple Profile Types functionality List's content goes here!
# Every field of Profile can be assigned to any number of profiles-type
# Optimized to create unlimited number of ProfileTypes without performance bottlenecks

Feature List:
  1. Profile Field Access Control Layer: As we know Access Control Rules are used to apply some condition on particular profiletypes, A new acl rule is added according to which one Profiletype Can not see selected profile field of Other Profiletype.
  2. Email Filtering as per profile types: E-mail Ids can be restricted
  3. Multi-Group: Through this exciting feature, Now one user can join more than one Group.
  4. Advance and Refined User Interface: Totally New Interface, User Friendly and Easy to Access, overall simplistic, elegant and versatile layout.
# Compatibility
  1. Support JomSocial 1.8 as well as JomSocial 2.0
  2. Latest AEC and Previous
  3. Joomla 1.6 and Previous
# Performance Improvement.
  1. Language File cleaned up efficiently to elevate compatibility with end users.
  2. Code cleaned up, Streamlined, Well Executed and tested.
  3. Complete Auto-Loading.
  4. Unhook is made available
  5. Many bugs have been identified and fixed.
# Screens Refreshed
  1. Control Panel Refreshed with Direct Links, Change Logs, Latest Updates etc.
  2. Settings- Complexity Reduced, Advanced functionality separated
  3. Code Reduced
  4. Parameters Relocated
  5. Complete Back-End re-assembled.
# Refinement
  1. Completely Revised Documentation.
  2. Improved Tool-tips and User Understandability.
Important Note:
  1. JSPT 2.2 will not support JomSocial 2.0, So kindly switch to JSPT 3.0 as soon as it is Stable.
  2. Estimated Beta release will be by October end.
  3. This blog gives you an overview of Improvements inJSPT 3.0 , we'll soon be coming with more. Keep reading!
  4. JSPT 3.0 is improved version to easily handle all forthcoming major changes. Feature Wish List will be entertained in later versions after JSPT 3.0.
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