What is new in JSPT 2.1?


Joomla Registration Support

Now profile type is integrated with Joomla Registration.User will be able to select profiletype if AEC is not integrated with JSPT or if AEC is integrated with JSPT then  AEC plan selection will be displayed before Joomla Registration.

Facebook Connectivity

At the time of Facebook connectivity the Profile Type selection will be shown if AEC is not integrated with JSPT, otherwise if AEC is integrated with JSPT, AEC itself will manage the Profile Type(Plan) selection.

ACL Restructured

In JSPT 2.1 ACL feature is completely restructured. New feature other than already defined, can be added easily. For adding new ACL rule you just need to add two plugin files of your rule and everything work according to your wish.

Friend feature in ACL Rules

The new feature Friend is added in ACL rules. Through this feature you can restrict users of any particular profile type to make friends of other profile type, as you will mention in the rule.

Bug Fixes :-

  • Delete entry from xipt system when user is deleted.
  • Correct global configuration link in admin panel.
  • Template effect was not loaded for guest users correctly at every community link , now it will work according to user templatization.
  • Many more fixes ....

Work in progress for stable release :-

  • Application control according to viewable user's profile.
  • Look and feel ( Css related issues ).

Updates :-

25th - Feburary - 2010 :-

  • JSPT Support Application control while visiting others profile ( from jspt 2.1.242 afterwards )

24th - Feburary - 2010 :-

  • JSPT Support AEC during Facebook connect , but make sure to attach default free plan with users for proper working of JSPT ( from jspt 2.1.241 afterwards )
    Steps : -
    #1 : Go to AEc -> settings
    #2 : Click on Expert tab
    #3 : There is a option Grant Entry Plan , assign your desired plan here.

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