Significance of User-Search in Social Networking (Part-I)

Imagine I am Admin of a Community based website and I want to make a search through my entire user database. Suppose, there are 50 million users at my website and I want to search a group of user, be it by zip code, keyword, or by some advanced options like Age, Birthday , Location, etc. Or I want to send an Important mail to some selected users or group of users Or i want to export searched results.
Imagine My users want to find there friends or companions or similar nationality people or find a best Match for them or search a people through location.
Now the Questions arise
  1. How it will be Possible for me to manage my website ?
  2. Would User Search be helpful for me?
The possible answer is I will  be requiring at the most urgency a Unique search option to find Users at my website.
So, User Search becomes not only essential but a demanding tool.  Search feature makes it easier to find targeted Users  based on filter by string which you enter. So I hope its sooner, we realize the fact, that in a world of infinite Information, finding, what we need and what best suit, will be one of the most valuable processes.
  1. Be it Discovering old friends, Making connections to them, or Group your community.
  2. Be it finding people through Age, Name, Location, etc. or
  3. Be it a simple User Search.
There should be no doubt in our minds that all requires an essential component which can  "Search people" . As it is the most essential and a valuable asset for a community based website like JomSocial because It makes any Social-Networking more User-Friendly.
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