PayPlans, The Most Loved Joomla Membership System is 4!

4 happening years, strong customer bonding, satisfied team and Happy Faces :)

PayPlans Journey

Few appreciations that made us smile after a long work day :)

“PayPlans and Team! YOU are amazing! Thank you so much for your personal care. I’m thrilled to be using your product. It’s a masterpiece and I LOVE the possibilities! You have raised the bar on customer care. Thank you again. I couldn’t be any more thrilled.” Stefan Brettschneider

“We found the tool did exactly what the marketing documentation said.
When it came to adding custom features the plugin apps made it so easy.
We did find something the developers had not considered, however 24hr later their support team came up with a work around. Amazing!!”Darren Ryland

Few encouragement that helped us keep motivated to incorporate more useful features to satisfy our customers better.

“We expect PayPlans can continue to be developed up with the future versions of Joomla and that it can continue to extend the number of applications, especially those that integrates payment gates. We hope also it can keep increasing it means of customization of the user interface.” Adriana Zocchi

“The extension is very easy to understand and configure. Their apps solve every possible need I had in mind. The documentation is very clear and complete. The support is the best, with people taking a really good care of their customers. For Sure the best extension I found for Joomla. 100% recommended... I hope this company start to work in other extensions for Joomla, I'll be happy to use all of them.” Andres Santiago

Today, when we reflect in those 4 wonderful years, it is a feeling of contentment that we are able to help our customers in their business. Lets celebrate this success that we share. We have planned a 4 days long celebration to mark 4 years of togetherness.

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Ready Bytes brings you along with partners as part of this celebration.

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