PayPlans Roadmap: Quarter 1

In the roadmap for growth our main target will be to shine and polish PayPlans. Rather than keep adding features, our main concentration will be on improving User Interface and the performance which has even started.

Meanwhile, setting the futuristic goals in the PayPlans Roadmap was getting typical, we referred to all the requests posted on PayPlans at Ideascale and started hand picking one by one and kept iterating until we were satisfied. Complete Roadmap is the combination of 4 Quarters each comprising of 3 months.

This specific blog is aimed to spread out to our Users and Joomla friends to let them know what can be expected from PayPlans in it's First Quarter.

This ongoing Quarter will see two new releases one for PayPlans 2.4 and another a major version release of PayPlans 3.0. Let us have a quick glance at the features expected.

What to expect in the Quarter-1 ? (April - June)

Features to be implemented In Payplans 2.4 Stable Release:

  1. Exporting Database in .CSV format- 
    Subscription details, Payment details, paid/ unpaid invoices etc all will be exportable in .CSV format. It will be very much helpful in the accounting purposes. 

  2. Searching database in the backend will be made more simple and intuitive -
    Cross Table Filtering for the data is to be implemented. In it, the data from one table will be available for search in another table. It will make the reference searching more intuitive as well as powerful.

  3. Some Major issues : Cron Issue, Invoice Counter issue solved -
    PayPlans has various automated Cron job setups, whose sole task is to keep verifying the subscription expiration details and send automatic notifications if its set. In the rare event the crons were sometime trying to run out of sync. So, with this release the cron setup code will be rewritten and packed more innovatively to work error free with no future issue of any incompatibility.

  4. Language Packs -
    PayPlans has moved to the Open Translators. So, fast & new language support should be expected from PayPlans.

  5. Improve Documentation

Proposed Release Date for PayPlans 2.4 is end of April.

Features to be implemented In Payplans 3.0 Stable Release:

  1. Completely responsive PayPlans over any screen size -
    Currently, PayPlans can adapt to multiple screen sizes varying from desktops to tablets, but it faces some UI issues on even smaller screen devices. In today's scenario of the mobility, we believe your website's responsiveness to be of utter importance to you. So, a complete Bootstrap template for both frontend and backend of PayPlans will be redesigned by us, achieving complete responsiveness compatibility as your website.

  2. Switch to latest Jquery version -
    jQuery is more than just a JavaScript library, it is an integral part of the web developer's toolset today and with this release PayPlans will start running the latest jquery 1.9.

  3. Log dumping -
    With every transaction on your ecommerce site a log entry for subscription details, payment details and invoicing details are almost always created. In time this makes the site database bulkier day by day. From PayPlans version 3 the log details will no more be stored in the databases, preventing the unnecessary overcrowding of your site database and keep it from bulking day by day.

    Also the Cross Table Filtering introduced in the 2.4 release will aid in the easy searching of any individual's log details on your site backend. You will just need to enter the name of a subscriber in the search bar and voila you will have a step by step complete log detail for a particular record in the database. In short a complete detail under one search, no more wandering through pages.

  4. Fully Switch to fields and INI to JSON format -
    Currently PayPlans supports the data storage in legacy INI format but Joomla 2.5 has adopted the fresh concept of JSON formatted data storage. So, we will also be migrating to this new change. No doubt, this means changing all the 109 apps at our Appville with Payplans itself to match the new format. We will be applying full vitality to make all the apps matching to the new concept. This change in the data storing format will enhance the complete speed optimization of PayPlans for your site, as every millisecond counts in your business. PayPlans will always be the fastest component in your site.

  5. UI Improvements -
    The team keeps developing as per the user requirements. I will keep you informed as we proceed on our research UI journey further.

  6. Improvements in PayPlans installer-
    • Simplify and Ajaxify the installation for fast loading processes and saving time. So, that with every tiny change in a field, the complete page doesn't have to load again & again.
    • Bootstrap Template in the installer too for a great User Interaction experience on any screen size.

Proposed Release Date for PayPlans 3.0 is end of June.

These were the decided keynotes for PayPlans Roadmap. Please comment below if you have any feedbacks and want us to consider it.

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