PayPlans : Now more user friendly

Have a Quick glance at all the User-Interface improvements:

In Back-end:-

1.Configuration view : Separate advanced and expert settings. Customization and localization tabs are also merged with settings to make it clear and concise.

2.Users Detail view : Merged display of subscription, payment and order into a single display to have one shot display.

3.Transaction Record in Payments : Data is serialized, no need to break your head with messed data like earlier.

4.Removed lifetime option from plan screen : Maximum year of subscription will be 10 years.

5.Speed-up process with more buttons : Added save, save and close ,save and new, Payment delete buttons, Copy button for apps and Plans.

In Front-end:-

1.My Orders Screen : Order confirmation and payment can be done from my order detail page also.

2.Invoice : Removed unnecessary information.

3.Joomla and JomSocial Registration button : Now user can get a clear view if admin wants to register him through Joomla or JomSocial registration.

4.Cancel option for offline payment : During offline payment, if user wants to cancel the payment from payment page, cancel button is now available along with payment button.

We are continuously getting ideas from your side regarding enhancement in features, user-interface, applications, etc. and looking forward for more suggestions. You can help us in testing PayPlans by exploring it more and more and acknowledge us with any issue or bug you come across.

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