PayPlans’ Arsenal Loaded with New Payment Gateways

6 more payment gateways to help you reach global customers with PayPlans

We are happy to announce that we have integrated 6 new payment gateways with PayPlans :-

  1. Braintree
  2. Wirecard
  3. Authorize CIM Hosted Form
  4. PayU (Poland)
  5. SmoovPay
  6. Robokassa


Braintree is a leading payment solution that is acquired by PayPal now. We have got many request to have this integrated with PayPlans since it supports recurring payments well. You can refer our App Store for more updates related to Braintree.


Wirecard is a famous payment solution in European countries which offers fixed and recurring payment options.

Authorize CIM Hosted Form

Authorize CIM provides hosted form payment option as well.We already have Authorize CIM payment gateway integrated with PayPlans. Hosted Form can be used for PCI-DSS compliance requirement. You can use same Authorize CIM account with this to display Authorize hosted form on your site. However, your site must supports “https” to use this.

PayU (Poland)

PayU operates in many countries around the world. This integration is specific for Poland users or users who support Polish currency(PLN) or EURO.


SmoovPay is for Asia Pacific customers. SmoovPay is a payment provider in Singapore. This payment gateway can help those users get started with PayPlans.


We have something for Russian users too. :) Robokassa is a Russian payment solution which operates in Russia and has variety of options to pay.

We have included major popular payment gateways in various geographical locations. With this PayPlans can help you increase your operations globally. While you deal with the customers across the globe, they will still get a feeling of being close with availability of their preferred payment option We won’t stop here and will keep adding more payment solutions for you as we move on. Do drop us a comment if you would like to see your favorite one in our exhaustive list of 43 payment gateways.

We are always open for new suggestions to improve your beloved membership solution i.e. PayPlans. Keep sending your request via support forum. Looking forward for your valuable response as always.

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