App Ville : Coming soon

We are quite excited to announce that PayPlans Apps Ville is going to be launched soon. App Ville will consist of productive PayPlans  core apps, integration apps, translated language files, multiple themes of PayPlans, etc. Is it enough? No, after sometime App Ville will also store thirdy party apps. With App Ville, you will surely be able to enjoy exploring PayPlans more and more with different desired apps.

These days things are really heating up as time of stable release of PayPlans 1.4 is also coming closer. Bug fixes for 1.4 release and preparation of launching App Ville are going hand in hand. We are hoping to launch App Ville at the same time the PayPlans 1.4 stable version will be released.

So without disclosing everything, we are holding our excitement here for few upcoming days. Wait for two surprises, first obviously PayPlans 1.4 and second your App Ville. So stay tuned with us.

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