PayPlans 0.8.0 Released

Here, we are summing up all the advancements that have been taken place in PayPlans 0.8.0 :-

1. Privacy Provision : Unique reference keys are provided in place of order ids so as to prevent display of total number of subscriptions have been done on your website. Thereby, preventing information leakage of your progress growth to the third party.

2. Content App : Admin can replace the contents of any page in front-end or he can add any content or message at any particular place in a page according to his requirement.

3. Docman App : You can assign a particular group of Docman to any user or can remove any user from a particular group according to his subscription status.Thereby, you can provide all the rights of that group to the user (for example : accessing any file or document) or  can take over the control from users.

4. Quick Search : In back-end, searching of any order, subscription or payment details from the long list is possible by providing respective id or reference key. You can also search any user through user id or user name.

5. UI changes : Configuration settings, user page, transaction record, invoice have more clearer view than ever. Detailed explanation is available in previous blog(refer related articles).

6. Language override : In case you want to override specific text in language file, then if you change text in the existing file, then it will overwrite the existing one for sometimes only because  on up-gradation or re-installation of PayPlans, changes made by you won't be retained.So as a solution, PayPlans allows you to make another language override file with the name en-GB.com_payplans_override.ini file which will not be touched on up-gradation.

PayPlans component is for anyone who is looking for Paid Membership/Subscription system for Joomla Websites.We'd like people to use and test it now so we can gather feedback and fix any problems you might find.

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