Paid Profile Types Integration with JS Profile Types

Why AEC :
  1. Its Free.
  2. The best product available, in terms of features and existing integration with other extensions.
  3. Well known, its in joomla community for last 3 years.

Why we are scared of AEC :
  1. AEC still do not upgraded to 1.5 framework. Works with legacy mode.
  2. It is complicated. It have a lot of options, but usability is quite low.
  3. Support is quite slow, for free users. I dont know about the premium members experience.
When You Say Paid Profiles : You means you need
  1. Payment System
  2. Subscription Manager
  3. Access Manager
Writing a new extension from scratch is time consuming task. While using AEC is looking fine enough, we need to come up with some active support for AEC too, that way we can help you people around. So in meanwhile, we are going thorugh AEC features.
Final Decision : We are going to integrate AEC with JSPT in next release. This will be the only feature for 1.4. We are targeting mid July for this feature.
Concerns ? Questions ? Queries ?
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