Multiple Templates: XiUS

Brief Introduction of XiUS: Multiple Templates:
To give you wide variations, we have come up with different search layouts. Yes, you experience a Totally New Interface, User Friendly and Easy to Access, overall simplistic, elegant and versatile design layouts. We have already introduced two nice combinations which are available as presets in the Template Configuration at Back-end. There are still more to come soon....Till then Head over and take a look at the feature list below.

# Features
  1. Flexibility to select template for searching.
  2. Varied Presentation of Searching
  3. Improved Readability
  4. Works with all Browsers
  5. Compact size, using minified CSS/JS
  6. Multi-column dropdown menu
  7. Enough Space for you to add more Information
How to change Template
  1. At back-end Go to Configuration - > Select Template
We would be very happy if you post  comment with your feedback that how you find our new Release and your experience with XiUS.
Take a look at ScreensShots of our two search Layouts - Default and nextgen
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