List Management/List Privacy : XiUS

We like the List saving concept in XiUS but it lacks on usability as it is non-editable at back-end. So We improved it by making it editable . So that List newly created can be much Quickly handled.

XiUS List Management provides you with easily manageable and editable list and its configuration, Set accessibility criteria to manage list by Joomla Users.
  1. You Come across New Interface when you save list. While saving list you can make it sortable according to information you give.
  2. Sorting Order can be decided.
  3. And/Or Condition can be applied
XiUS List Privacy provides confidential functionality with user List . If you wants that particular group users can  see the List you created than you can set the criteria on the List. For example, If you want that list you created seen by your friends only or another list visible to self  than XiUS List Privacy feature fulfill your requirement.
# XiUS List Privacy provides a controlling on Accessible User Group which can view List.
Accessibility Criteria is:
  1. All
  2. Registered
  3. Publisher
  4. Author
  5. Editor
  6. Manager
  7. Administrator
  8. Super Administrator (No condition will be applied to this type of user, will be able to access all information)
  9. Guest (Not logged in user)
# A new Plugin Parameter JomSocial list privacy has been added which provides that User (who is creating list) can decide the privacy of list (friend, public, self , members).
  1. Public
  2. Member
  3. Friend
  4. Self
The privacy can also be set by JSPT level. But it can be only done by Admins.
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